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As a foreigner who has plans of migrating to the United States but might not be financially buoyant to apply for a visa or other application process often resort to applying for a visa lottery and in most cases, they end up getting it which is actually a milestone achievement for them as it eases the burden of spending a fortune for migration.

The United States Diversity Immigrant Visa Program often referred to as Visa Lottery is a program that issues about 50,000 immigrant visas for people of different nationalities every year and countries with low populations also have chances of their citizens being accepted.


Application Process for the U.S Visa Lottery

  1. Go to the U.S diversity immigrant visa program website and fill out the online application by submitting and uploading all the necessary documents required
  2. After submitting your application, you would see a screen confirming your application and also a unique confirmation number (do well to store this number and the information you used while registering as you would eventually use it to track the progress of your application).
  3. If your application is selected, you would be redirected to a confirmation page; on that page, you would be required to pay your application fee (the selection or the application fees does not guarantee your visa)
  4. Confirm your educational qualifications or a qualified work experience (possessing a high school degree or a relevant work experience of at least two years is important, without this you would be considered ineligible and your application fees wouldn’t be refunded)
  5. Possess a valid passport (before applying for a visa lottery it is important you possess a visa lottery which would eventually be verified before you can proceed to the next stage which is)
  6. Submit your immigrant application (before you submit it, you are advised to check your profile and add any new information concerning either your family or your personal life)
  7. Submit supporting documents like updated birth certificate, court and prison records, military or police records if any, and also a photocopy of a valid passport
  8. Attend an interview (after your application has been reviewed, you would be invited for an interview via an email as only applicants who has a visa number allocated are invited for interviews), you would also be required to come along with an updated medical report and other remaining documents when you are going for the interview
  9. The final decision by the Consular Officer who would inform you if your visa was approved or denied

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If your visa was approved, then congratulations; but that isn’t where it all ends as there are certain things that you would be required to do which include:

  1. Paying your USCIS immigration fee
  2. Keeping your sealed immigrant packet safe and do not open it as you would present it upon your arrival in the United States
  3. Your expected date of departure

Things that individuals shouldn’t do when applying for a visa lottery

  1. Don’t make any financial commitments
  2. Don’t sell off your assets like cars and houses when applying
  3. Don’t resign from your job
  4. Don’t book a flight or make travel arrangements that are non-refundable

The above listed are very important when an individual is applying for a visa lottery due to the fact that most times, your visa application might be denied and may render you bankrupt due to the fact that you’ve positively anticipated that your visa would be approved.

In summary, following all the processes when applying for a visa lottery is very important as it makes the road to getting the visa very easy and it becomes easier when you possess all the needed documents and give the right details before and during your application process so that you wouldn’t have any issues with your application process.


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