Udacity & Aws Deepracer International Scholarship Challenge – (Apply Now)

The Udacity & AWS Deep Racer scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for students from any part of the world who might have an interest in learning machine learning language; the scholarship also encourages the student to learn the fundamentals of machine learning.

The scholarship is open to over 200 students who are 18 years of age and above, om completion of the 3 months program, the recipients of this scholarship get a machine learning engineer Nanodegree certificate.

How to qualify for the Udacity & AWS DEEPRACER international scholarship challenge program

  1. You must be registered to Udacity
  2. Submit an entry in their monthly unique AWS DEEPRACER virtual circuit race track
  3. The monitoring board would check the performance of each participant and their leader boards
  4. Top performers would receive the Nanodegree scholarship

Eligibility requirements for the Udacity & AWS DEEPRACER international scholarship challenge program

  1. Must be a student
  2. Must be 18 years of age or more
  3. Must have a basic knowledge of python
  4. Must have an interest in machine learning
  5. Must have interest in virtual racing


In summary, I believe this article has been able to highlight how the Udacity &AWS Deep Racer international scholarship program works and the qualification and eligibility requirements for this scholarship. For more information and clarity about this scholarship, you can check the Udacity website for more information.

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