Under Floor Heating System Is The Result Of Bitcoin Mining

Unlike the coins or bills that you carry in your pockets, bitcoin is not protected by banks or governments and exists primarily online.

Approximately 3,600 new bitcoins are created daily through a complex process known as “mining”, which consists of awarding a bitcoin to computers that process complex mathematical equations through specialized software and are traded on bitqs.io.

And we are not talking about a small number of computers, but about thousands of machines around the world working day and night without stopping, which implies a very high consumption of electricity that has not stopped growing.

Digital boilers

Consolidating cryptocurrency mining as a sustainable activity around the world is considered an imminent need, taking into consideration mainly the issue of climate change and the energy demand of Bitcoin.

The “digital boilers” as bitcoin mining equipment is considered worldwide, recover 90% of the electricity used for this activity in the form of heat, which could be used to supply communities and industrial processes.

The emission of heat generated during the cryptocurrency mining process is considered wear on the environment, consequently, said heat flows directly into the atmosphere.

Given this situation, the great concern arises from environmentalists to achieve a balance between environmental protection and cryptocurrency mining since this is an extremely attractive financial strategy that over time could replace the traditional financial system.

Mining heat for get hot homes

The strategy proposed by these citizens whose primary concern is to improve the use and management of resources and that their environmental impact is as little as possible to maintain a sustainable and sustainable world, they propose to take advantage of the waste of resources that occur during the mining process, in this case, the heat to generate electricity or provide heat to homes during cold winters.

a careful fact draws attention in Siberia, where a couple of entrepreneurs are making the most of the heat generated by bitcoin mining, taking advantage of it in that city with long and harsh winters for heating homes.

These entrepreneurs are not the only ones to think of a strategy that allows them to benefit from the large load of energy that the concept of Bitcoin mining consumes. The city of North Vancouver, British Columbia, is also taking advantage of the heat generated by the bitcoin mining to provide heating to its inhabitants.

With cryptocurrency mining equipment operating at full capacity 365 days a year, the company will be able to supply heat to a complex consisting of a total of one hundred residential and commercial buildings in North Vancouver.

The clean heating solution will supply a population of more than 50,000 residents of the town.

This information is considered by some environmentalists as useful since, in countries where one of its strongest seasons is winter, residential and industrial electricity consumption skyrockets, this is because the temperatures in the facilities are usually adequate for the performance of the tasks and the day-to-day lives of the inhabitants.

Another of the creative ideas of so many entrepreneurs who are not only dedicated to mining but who want to make the most of the energy that this process generates through heat, it was learned that by 2020, these entrepreneurs planned to build 2,000 crypto houses, with a total capacity of 20 megawatts and with an approximate of 80,000 square meters.

On the other hand, in September it was learned that the artist and engineer Julian Oliver created a prototype of mining equipment that is powered by wind energy, being another environmentally friendly mining alternative.


In a world in which emissions of polluting gases from power plants have already reached alarming and irreversible levels, increasing consumption even more with the promise of obtaining a virtual currency that in the long term may not have value is not exactly a sustainable idea. 

It is more sustainable the fact that energy consumption can be taken advantage of and in turn with digital currencies to be able to invest in the capitalization of the initial value of digital currencies generated during a certain period that will surely generate future benefits.

It is important to clarify that cryptocurrency mining stations usually generate considerable amounts of heat, which is why it is necessary to invest money in a cooling system for this equipment, which allows the temperatures to stabilize in the spaces where the mining equipment is stored.

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