Uppsala University Global Scholarships – (Everything You Need & How to Apply)

Uppsala University Global Scholarships

Uppsala University also referred to as Uppsala Universitet is a Swedish public research university that was founded in the year 1477. Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden and also the Nordic countries which consist of Denmark, Aland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Faroe Island, and Greenland.

The university is said to be a comprehensive international research university that is dedicated to advancing higher education, science, and scholarships; the university also boasts of producing 8 scientists who have been recipients of the Nobel prize.

There are various and different types of scholarship programs that are being offered by this university as it is also home to many international students, some of these scholarship programs include Ander’s wall scholarship for studies at the Uppsala University, the king carl Gustaf scholarship, and the popular Uppsala university global scholarships.

In this article, I would be highlighting some of these scholarships and also their application process along with eligibility criteria. Pls, bear in mind that this scholarship is fully funded and international students who meet the eligibility can apply.


Uppsala university global scholarship Overview

The Uppsala university global scholarship is a scholarship program that is spearheaded by the university and is open to international students, the scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that covers the full cost of the tuition fees; however, the scholarship doesn’t cover other aspects like accommodation and living expenses. The scholarship is only open to individuals who want to study for their Master’s program.

Eligibility criteria for the Uppsala university global scholarship include:

  1. Not being a citizen of a country under the EU/EEA or Switzerland
  2. You must pay your application fee
  3. You must meet the necessary requirements for the Master’s program you applied for
  4. You must possess all the necessary documents that would be required
  5. You must apply for the Master’s program before the university application deadline
  6. You must choose Uppsala University as your first choice
  7. You must demonstrate the interest and zeal in being in an academic environment
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For more clarity concerning the Uppsala university global scholarships, you can visit the Uppsala university website to get more understanding, however, the Uppsala university global scholarship doesn’t have an actual estimated value.


Ander’s wall scholarship for studies at the Uppsala university

The Ander’s wall scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees for recipients of this scholarship and chooses citizens of different countries every year to award the scholarship. The scholarship is open to individuals who want to do their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

Eligibility for this scholarship includes demonstrating a traceable attitude to one who wants to be in an educational environment, paying of application fee, having the necessary requirements for the program you’re applying for, having the necessary documents that would be required, applying before the university’s deadline and choosing the scholarship program with the university as your first choice.


The king carl Gustaf scholarship

The king carl Gustaf scholarship program is aimed at awarding scholarships to both local and international students who live in a dangerous and unsafe environment or are affected by any form of natural disaster, the scholarship is however open to students who want to do their Master’s program.

Eligibility requirement for the king carl Gustaf scholarship

  1. Be a citizen of countries like Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the democratic republic of congo, Honduras, Mali, Philippines, Somalia, South Korea, or Yemen.
  2. You must prove that you are vulnerable and in urgent need of an educational environment like the Uppsala university
  3. You must choose the king carl Gustaf scholarship and the Uppsala university as your first choice
  4. You must have submitted an application before the university’s application deadline
  5. You must meet the requirements for the program you’re applying for
  6. You must possess the necessary documents that would be required of you
  7. You must pay your application fee
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Things you should know before applying for any scholarship

  1. The scholarship does not cover living allowance and other expenses; therefore, it is advisable for applicants to be financially buoyant before planning on going for any scholarship as you would be the one to sort any of your bills
  2. Possess a passport
  3. Make sure you have the necessary documents that would eventually be required
  4. Endeavor to pay up your application fee as it wouldn’t be processed if you don’t make the payment

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In summary,  I believe this article has been able to highlight more about the Uppsala university global scholarships and other scholarships offered by the university, this article has also highlighted the eligibility and requirements for each scholarship program.


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