What to do When Your Boyfriend is Mad at You

What to do when your boyfriend is mad at you

It is really unpleasant when there are issues going on in the relationship especially when it has to do with your boyfriend being mad at you. As a woman, this situation can really keep you worried and clueless.

However, it is also important to note that having misunderstandings in a relationship is normal, the ability to resolve them and keep going is what matters.

There should be reasons why he is mad at you. But whether you know his reasons or not, this article will be giving you tips on what you can do to relieve the situation.

Below is a step by step guide of what to do when your boyfriend is mad at you:

  1. Give him space 

Trying to fix up the problem immediately might not be a good idea because at this point your minds are still at rage and you may end up saying more hurtful things to each other.

Giving each other space is an opportunity to cool off the mind and think better.

If you’re still interested in the relationship, make sure the space doesn’t last for so long, at least two, three days is enough time for you to try talking to him again. In some cases, the guy might ask for more space, it’s okay for you to respect him and allow him to be till his ready to talk to you again.

  1. Figure out his reasons

This next step can be carried out only when he has given you the chance to talk to him again. Do not misuse this chance by arguing or throwing blames at each other. Politely and romantically ask him why he’s mad at you.

You can start by inviting him over for a good meal, or whichever way you know can soften his heart to be open up. Give him a listening ear while he is explaining himself, do not jump to conclusions or cut him short while he’s talking. Hearing his own side of the story is so vital for you to understand how to treat him better.

  1. Certify his reasons

In order to still keep him interested and make him more comfortable with the conversation, you need to certify the reasons he has made. It doesn’t mean you totally agree to his perspective and deny yours, no. It simply means you understand his point of view and respect his opinions.

You can use words like “I get your point dear.” Or “I totally understand where you’re coming from.” 

Saying this will calm his nerves and give him more reasons to keep the conversation going.

  1. Apologize and share your feelings 

However, after listening to him, your own thoughts and feelings about the issue also deserve to be heard. Do not be scared to confidently share your feelings with him but make sure you are calm and polite with your words. Instead of shifting blames and making up excuses for your actions, try accepting that you have hurt him and apologize sincerely about it. Reassuring him that you love him and promising never to repeat that same mistake again might make your boyfriend give you another chance to change.

  1. Don’t act desperate 

Men don’t appreciate women that are desperate to be in a relationship with them. Sometimes they enjoy chasing you instead of you doing otherwise. While apologizing to your boyfriend make sure you are saying factual things, make sure you are not begging too much or trying to compromise your own feelings in order to satisfy him. You need to understand that at this point, your boyfriend can not be impressed by anything you do, so don’t force it.

Don’t be too quick to rush into his friends or family members to beg him on your behalf, do not ever create an impression that you can’t live without him.

Lovingly apologize and make him understand that you don’t mind staying away if what you did cannot be forgiven. You could say something like “I know I hurt you so much and don’t deserve to be your woman anymore. I will understand if you decide to quit this relationship.”

Don’t be afraid to lose him because a man who loves you will not quit just like that, he would want to give you another chance so long he understands you’re truly sorry and won’t repeat the mistake again.

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  1. Allow him to forgive you.

You have done your own part by apologizing to your boyfriend, now you have to give him time to decide whether to accept your apology or not. You cannot force him to be cool with you, so after apologizing wait for him to speak, give him time to decide. It might take a long time or short time depending on the situation and the kind of person he is.

During this moment make sure you do not stalk him in any way, get busy with other aspects of your life. If he loves, you he will definitely miss you and come around.

  1. Sincerely work on yourself

This is the most important aspect of this article because you can use this step for your current boyfriend or any other relationship you come across in the future. You need to understand that it’s not easy for two people from different backgrounds to cope perfectly together. There is so much work to put into it and that includes you working on yourself. If you’re ready to be with someone you have to consider them in everything, in your words and in your actions. You have to stop some characters, some habits, you have to stop anything at all that infuriates their anger. Show them that you love them as much as they do by improving yourself positively. The best way to love someone is by loving yourself first and being a better version of yourself. Your beautiful personality will make them never want to lose you.

  1. Create a possible solution with him

This last stage can only be done when your boyfriend has decided to forgive you and clearly ready to continue with the relationship again.

As adults, you can both provide possible skills that will make your relationship last longer. Identify those things that cause problems for you guys and jointly decide to improve on them.


I hope these steps helps you recover back your relationship. There is no perfect skill to wining someone over, anyone who wants to stay with you will be with you without stress. Regardless of how many mistakes you make, they will always find ways to forgive you and be with you.

Should Incase your relationship is manipulative and more toxic, you can talk to someone about it. Thank you for reading.

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